Why You Are Failing in Love

Watch my YouTube video here! https://youtu.be/x77VqBxD2Fg Hello. My name is Lyneè, and I am a Puppy Love addict. I am a hopeless romantic. I am in love with Love. I am addicted to the butterflies and excitement of brand new relationships. I am emotional, I am sentimental… I am a Lover. But a long time [...]


Puppy Love to Mature Love: The First Step Towards a Successful Relationship

Check out my YouTube video here! https://youtu.be/wEtZfwIatW4 Close your eyes and think back to the emotions you and your lover experienced at the beginning of your relationship. You could not keep your eyes off of each other, your bodies away from each other, your hearts and minds diverted from each other. You thought you had [...]

The Golden Rules of Being in Puppy Love

Check out my YouTube video here! https://youtu.be/vsILlf5i9I0 Firstly, I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to those who have chosen to follow me. Please accept a virtual warm and fuzzy hug from the bottom of my heart. Second, I'd like to precede this post by stating once again that nothing qualifies my advice except [...]

An Introduction From Your Best Girlfriend

View my YouTube video here! https://youtu.be/i1_WtwPRNa4 This morning I was mulling over some bad relationship advice I had recently given a friend. Family, friends, and strangers alike have been inclined to pour their hearts out to me once they discover how much I care. In all of my relationships I am an ear to listen, a [...]