5 Ways to Make the Woman You Love Happy

In case you didn’t know, women are very complex and emotional beings. There is so much more to us than meets the eye, so many more feelings inside of us than we can express. It is impossible for us to view the world in black and white. Two plus two does not always equal four to us, and there is too much going on inside of us to explain why.

We are designed to care for and nurture the people we love the most. When the men we love are feeling down and unable to give the world their all, it is our love that pushes and supports them so they can remain on their feet.

When we appear to be breaking down emotionally, it is because we are tired. We need your encouragement. We need to know you appreciate all the energy we exert to keep you standing. So when it seems like we are going off the deep end, do not criticize us. Rejuvenate us. Remind us why we are supporting you in the first place.

Because our complexities cause us to constantly fluctuate between a variety of emotions, it is possible to make us happy, but impossible to keep us happy! This is because it is really up to us to create and maintain our own happiness. Unfortunately, some of us still place that responsibility on the people closest to us.

So guys, if the woman you love tells you it’s your responsibility to keep her happy, run away. She is setting you up for failure. But if you have the love of a woman who is capable of maintaining her own emotional balance, then the best way to keep her happy is to constantly remind her why she chose to be in a committed relationship with you. Hence the true title of this post…

5 Ways to Remind the Woman You Love Why She Chose You

1. Never stop courting her.

Whatever you did to win her over in the beginning of your relationship, don’t stop doing it. If you continue to be the person she fell in Puppy Love with, she will never forget why she chose you over all of the others. I want to let you in on a little secret.  If she was incredible enough to get you to settle down, then there will always be men competing with you for her heart. But if you continue to be the man she fell in puppy love with, she will only have eyes for you.

2. Compliment her character.

Similarly to #2 of this post’s counterpart, tell your woman what you love about her character. Not what she does for you or what she gives you. Verbalize how much you appreciate the qualities that make up who she is as a person. Doing so communicates to her that you see her as a whole being, not just a physical partner, a servant, or a vending machine.

3. Take interest in her passions.

Participating in a book club or learning how to knit may not necessarily pique your interests, but if the woman you love develops a passion for something, take time to learn more about it. Find out what it is that connects her to it. Women are always evolving and changing, and keeping up with her latest obsessions will prevent you from growing apart. This also shows her that you see her as a whole being, and you want to keep learning about who she is as she evolves.

4. Throw gender roles out of the window.

Sorry fellas, this ain’t your mom and dad’s relationship. The quickest way to get us to be hateful, bitter, and resentful towards you is if you make it our sole responsibility to take care of the home while you drink beer and watch football. We know that you have been working all day, but have we, too. We don’t want to spend the little energy we have left cleaning up after everyone in the house. We are your lovers and your partners, not your mothers and your cleaning ladies. We want you to make equal contributions to the home so that at the end of the day, we can sit down, drink beer, and watch football with you.

Even if you two agree that you will bring home the bacon and she will cook it, your lady will be so appreciative of the fact that you help out around the house. Tag team the chores you grew up thinking were “women’s work” to get them done twice as fast. That will create more time and reserve more energy for you to enjoy each other. And if you really want to score major brownie points, every once in a while send the woman you love out for a mani/pedi while you straighten up the house, do the laundry, and cook dinner. She’ll love you forever for this!

5. Tell her you love her.

Not because of what she gives you, not because of what she does for you, not because of the way she makes you feel. Not because she says it first, not because her actions warrant the response. Your woman really appreciates how hard you work and how much you sacrifice for her. But once you are passed the honeymoon period, and you are faced with the pressures and stress of providing for your family, your hard work and sacrifices can quickly turn from acts of love into acts of obligation. So if you are still in love with her, she needs to hear you say it. Every once in a while, the best way to remind the woman you love why she chose you is to wrap your arms around her waist, look into her eyes, and tell her you love her.

And because I’m your Best Girlfriend, here is a bonus tip:

Birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s day are very important to us, no matter how laid back we pretend to be about it. Every single last one of us wants to brag to the world about our men, especially on these particular days. If you ignore everything else I have said in this post, remember this one. If you go out of your way to do something special on Valentine’s day, her birthday, or your anniversary, all prior sins will be forgiven 😉

Would love to hear from the Guys now.  Any other tips to make the woman you love happy?


4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make the Woman You Love Happy

      1. SO happy I found this blog!! Can’t wait for “Lowering the Bar VS. Settling.” People have told me you can’t look for someone that is a 10 out of 10, cause nobody is perfect. Then I quote Ben Harper and say, “They tell me nothing is perfect, then tell me why is it a word?” I’ve been looking for perfect, because I’m truly convinced it exists. I want the WHOLE package: the looks, the brains, the attitude, the good job, the style, the EVERYTHING! It’s been my mission to find her. I’ve passed up lots of 9s looking of my 10 and maybe I shouldn’t have.

        And thanks for slowing down the pace from “…in the beginning” to “before the beginning.” Those of us that really need help need to be talked to like children, which it seems like you might be well versed in. And by the way, Ben Harper is divorced…twice.

        Liked by 1 person

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