We Wrote Each Other Love Letters

My younger sister sent this to my husband and I for Christmas. Couple's Kindle Cards is a weekly action plan designed to spark emotional and physical intimacy in a relationship.  Sounds pretty lame, right?  Well, it is.  And I LOVE it! A couple weeks ago I talked my husband into busting this open, and the [...]


I’m Not Getting Divorced

Shortly after Christmas I received an e-mail from my favorite fitness guru that he and his wife decided to end their marriage. I know you're probably wondering why he would share this info with those of us on his listserv, but I won't try to explain right now.  Just know that he shared this with [...]

Why I’m Qualified to Give Relationship Advice

Watch my YouTube video here I always love telling the story of  how my husband and I met. It was August 2003, about 5 days into our freshman year at the University of Notre Dame.  We were both auditioning for the marching band and I noticed how cute he was from across the field.  At [...]

Making Yourself Whole + Choosing the Right Partner = A Recipe for True Love

Watch my YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/uNWgtOyaMME I believe that loving, long-lasting, successful relationships can easily occur if both lovers commit to giving one-hundred percent of themselves to each other. To give all of yourself to your lover is to dedicate every word, thought, and action to his or her happiness. To give all of yourself is to always, without hesitation, put [...]

Honesty: The Main Ingredient of True Love

Watch my YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/mj0pmsnXH8E A few weeks ago I opened my mouth to nag my husband about making an effort to spend more time with me. My hopeless romanticism stems from my overly-emotional and dramatic personality (a.k.a. my Crazy). But I learned how to balance my Crazy with rationality. I don't always get [...]