Re-Introducing Success in Love: Relationship Advice from your Best Girlfriend

My posts will be written for anyone in a brand new or long-term relationship that is progressing steadily toward marriage. I will also start documenting the successes and failures of my own marriage, chronicling our steps on the road to "til death do us part".


Forged in Steel: 4 Goals to Create More Peace, Joy, and Love in Your Relationship

It's been a long time since I actually watched my husband get ready for work in the morning.  On the rare occasion he has to leave the house before me, I typically burrow myself in blankets and pillows to block out the light and noise. But this morning, while watching my husband put gel in his hair, [...]

The Golden Rules of Being in Puppy Love

Check out my YouTube video here! Firstly, I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to those who have chosen to follow me. Please accept a virtual warm and fuzzy hug from the bottom of my heart. Second, I'd like to precede this post by stating once again that nothing qualifies my advice except [...]

An Introduction From Your Best Girlfriend

View my YouTube video here! This morning I was mulling over some bad relationship advice I had recently given a friend. Family, friends, and strangers alike have been inclined to pour their hearts out to me once they discover how much I care. In all of my relationships I am an ear to listen, a [...]